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Any Man With Infertility Problems Must Tell His Family To Protect His Wife - Popular Journalist Says

Popular journalist and marriage counsellor, Akosua Ago Aboagye has shared some tips on how a couple can handle the problem of infertility in men. In our society, women are mostly accused when it comes to difficulty in childbirth, but some of it is from men.

She advised that couples must try and do fertility tests as part of their counselling session before marriage. This helps the couple to decide on whether to continue the marriage or not, as well as the necessary medications to help them.

She said that if the man's family begins to put pressure on the woman when there is no child but the fault is from the man, the man must boldly say the truth to his family. This is to protect the wife and is a sign of maturity.

She advised men with such problems to stand for their wives and protect them. With this, the man can have a sound mind to seek medication to help their family. Hiding the truth will frustrate the woman if the inlaws begin to pressurize.  

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Akosua Ago Aboagye


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