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Tamale Man Who Cancelled Wedding With His Girlfriend Says On Live Tv That She Didn't Cheat On Him

It saddens my heart to know the way we Ghanaians feel very good and happy in tarnishing the images of other people very fast. They have been this news circulating on social media about the cancellation of the upcoming marriage ceremony in Tamale. With so much false news that the bride was caught fornicating with her ex-boyfriend after a date has been fixed for her marriage. Sometimes when you don't know the story of the accused partner you don't just jump into concussion in telling who's wrong and who's right. No human being deserves it.

That notwithstanding, I listened to the lady and the guy on Sagani TV about the cancelation of their wedding which they all claim to be family issues and not the cheating allegation circulating on social media earlier today.👇

So now that the guy himself has denied the allegations leveled against his fiancee, will those of you who jumped in to conclusion apologize to the lady for calling her names???

Will you with all due respect spread the gospel truth with the same energy you used in spreading the bad news??? 😰😰.

Even if it's a cover up story as some of you claim, I give them a 24 gun salutes for acting smart to protect each others integrity dispite the challenge before them. 

What will you even gain from hearing that the lady did what you heard earlier??🙄🙄 please let's not always be fast in spoiling the names of people without knowing the truth.

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