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I had never seen my friend doing her hair before until one day I saw her doing this.

We were childhood best friends in our hometown, and we always do things together. We attended the same elementary, junior high, and secondary schools, but after secondary school, I moved to the big city to live with my aunt, and I didn't see my friend again for a long time. 

I was shopping in the market one day when I ran into my friend who told me that she had also returned to the city one year after I had left and that she had tried several times to locate me but had been unsuccessful. I was happy to see my best friend again, and I told her that I no longer live with my aunt and have rented a house of my own. I took her to my house, and she also showed me where she lives, and we soon became friends again, just like we did when we were children in our hometown.

I took her to the church where I go, and she became a member, as well as a member of the prayer warriors, which she enjoys. Since neither of us was married, on weekends she would either come to my house and cook with me or I would go to her house and cook with her. She'd also do my hair for me if I didn't want to go to the salon, and she was really good at it. I would sometimes suggest that I do her hair for her, but she would always decline my offer. To be honest, I've never seen my friend do her hair and I've never seen her go to the hair salon, but her hair always looks better than mine. But because we're friends, I never asked her how she does it, assuming she has someone do it for her.

After we had finished church on one Sunday, I went to her house as usual and we cooked and talked for a while. She helped me in doing my hair because I wanted to look nice for work the next day, and when I asked if she wanted me to do hers for her she said no again. As the evening progressed, I said my goodbyes and returned home, only to discover that I had forgotten my keys at my friend's place.

I wanted to call and tell her about it and check if it was with her, but she didn't answer any of my calls. So I went back to her house and knocked, she didn't respond but her inside light was turned on.  

I opened her door with her extra key, which she had given to me some time ago, and saw her sitting there with her head on her lap, doing her own hair, she looked up at me, and I fled from her house. 

I was so terrified that I didn't even sleep at my house that night, instead, I went to my aunt's and slept there for a week. And now I'm not sure what I'll do if I run into her again.

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