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8 signs that you have fallen in love, not just a crush

From time to time, we feel liking someone, and we often know that this attraction or admiration will not develop into any feelings. Some people stop proceeding at this point but for other times, it's more than just an ordinary liking and can develop into feelings of love. If you are confused about the signs of feelings you are feeling right now, here are these signs of true admiration which shows that you have a seed of love for this person.

Signs of falling in love

1. Staring at the eye

This is one of the signs of feeling love, making sure to look at this person and stare in his eyes when talking to him, without neglecting to look at him, in the event that he is in the same place, and this may happen without feeling from you.

2. Behaving illogically

When a person falls in love or enters a new relationship, he acts without thinking, because his goal is to preserve his emotional relationship, as a study from the Kinsey Institute found that the human brain who falls in love is similar to the brain of a person who took cocaine, and this is an explanation of human behavior without thinking.

3. Thinking about a person all the time

When a person falls in love, he always thinks of the beloved, all the time, and he cannot ignore him.

4. Desire to make the other party happy

Love is an equal partnership between two parties whose goal is to make the other happy, so a person feels when falling in love that his main task is to make the other party happy, which is one of the most important signs of the strength of the relationship.

5. Feeling of tension and fear

Although love is a warm and exciting feeling of happiness, it is sometimes a source of tension, as feeling love in the brain leads to the release of the stress hormone cortisol and intense fear, of losing the other party.

6. Reducing pain

Feeling loved helps relieve pain when seeing a lover, and this was confirmed by a study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine that patients participating in the experiment looked at the partner’s pictures for a period of time, which reduced their feeling of pain by up to 40%.

7. Trying new things

When a person falls in love, he tries to satisfy the lover or get closer to him in every way, so he may think about practicing some new and favorite hobbies for the other party.

8. Feeling sick and sweating

When a person falls in love, he feels nausea, sweating, and anxiety, as a study found that falling in love can cause some pathological symptoms such as nausea.

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