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Mysterious as a man turns into a woman few days to their wedding (video)

"I slept as a man and woke up as a lady just one day," an African man explained while seeking assistance. The man revealed to Afrimax English that he was born male and that he was involved with a lady with whom he said goodbye after a misunderstanding.

That evening, he explained how he went to bed with a male organ only to wake up feeling strange; his masculinity had disappeared and been replaced with a twat. The man-turned-lady said he raised a red flag and some interested clerics were summoned to his home, where he was educated about his ex-enchantment. darling's

He said that his ex confessed to the wrongdoing and that she was so tormented that he cancelled their wedding, which was set to take place in a few weeks. Now that he has another genital, the guy has started to dress and act like a woman, wearing feminine clothes and make-up.

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