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5 Things That Cause Loss of Emotional Intimacy in Men

There are five things that cause loss of emotional intimacy in men. Everything is going well, and suddenly the fire is not there anymore. There used to be a time when you two would just look at each other and could barely stand the electricity that would run through your veins. Now, you keep checking your phone and it is not ringing as often.

1. There is no physical attraction.

There needs to be some level of physical attraction to maintain emotional intimacy. If your lifestyle has become sedentary, then you may have gained a few pounds. Some spouses don't see that as a big deal, while others think it is a deal breaker. Talk about it with your spouse without getting defensive.

2. Lack of spontaneity

In a relationship, acceptance plays a big role. Flexibility leaves room for both parties to make mistakes and turn them into spontaneity, supportive, encouraging, and fun. For example, if your partner comes up short on decorating a room, instead of complaining about how ugly it looks, let them know it's no big deal.

3. Persistent stress

Stress makes people tired and disagreeable. Chronic stress can cause a loss of sexual intimacy. Identify the trigger that causes stress in your life and deal with it directly. If it is a series of events, learn meditation, exercise more, listen to good music, or read.

4. Health problems

Stress can take a toll on a marriage when one partner has health problems such as diabetes, lupus, cancer, or heart disease. Professional help must be sought if health problems go unchecked. They can cause a loss of emotional intimacy. The good news is that many people deal successfully with their mate's illnesses and have a happy marriage.

5. Disagreements

Too many arguments and disagreements go against the fabric of the institution of marriage. Just agree to disagree and move on to the next thing. There will always be a next thing because you are married. Sometimes, in the heat of an argument, words can be spoken that can never be taken back.

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