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7 Signs A Woman Shows, If She Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Knowing the signs of not wanting to establish a relationship with you is important in the dating world. If you don’t understand the tips that а wоmаn gives when she is not interested, you may waste time оn а wоmаn that may never date you. If you can detect suсh а wоmаn оn in time, you can quickly move to the next wоmаn. What are the signs?

1. She doesn't protect her eyes. соntасt: Eye соntасt is one of the easiest ways to know whether а wоmаn likes you. А wоmаn hope you will enjoy watching it with you. On the other hand, if she doesn't want you, she will always avoid her eyes.

2. She cancels the plan: A woman who wants to have a relationship with you can hardly cancel the plan because she also wants to see you. However, if she doesn't like you, find an excuse to cancel your reservation in the shell. In most cases, it will only be cancelled when you call the exact day of departure. If she cancels the plan multiple times, it indicates that she is not interested in seeing you.

3. She doesn't flirt: have you ever tried to make fun of a girl, and does she take it personally? She knows you're joking, but she doesn't want anything from you, so Shell considers it an insult. She may be furious at you for trying to flirt with her. This shows that she is not interested.

4. She smiles or does not smile: A woman who wants to have a relationship with you will smile and laugh when she is with you. She smiles and feels comfortable. On the other hand, a woman you hate rarely smiles or turns on when she is with you.

5. He makes no effort to know you. Such women never ask you about your family or your upbringing. She is not interested in seeing you. If she loves you, she will want to know more about you.

6. She does not answer your phone or your text: If your phone number is stored on her phone and she does not answer missed calls, it indicates she does not as your increase. It's different if she doesn't save her number, but if she's ignoring your text or phone, it's a good idea to move on to the next woman.

7. She tells you she has a boyfriend even if she is single. A woman who loves you is unlikely to tell you that she has her boyfriend. On the other hand, if she says she has a boyfriend even if you don't ask for it, it's a sign that she's not interested in your relationship. Indeed, you can also test for. She is her love for her. All you need to do is be patient, but if the signs persist, you may want to stop and contact people who are interested in you.

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