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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Beta Male Behaviours You Must Stop Now

Alpha Males are good in playing the game of love than the Beta Males. They attracted to most of the beautiful women they come across due to their interesting life style. Don't worry if you are that bad at winning the heart of woman. I'm going to help you increase your odds of winning the game and getting connected with your dream girl. There are some guys that even a five year old boy can hold a better conversation with women than they do.

Eventhough they are very handsome and attractive, they don't know how to place their bait on the line and reel her with good flirting and conversation that would get her emotionally attracted to you. There's something you must know about humans, we're mostly attached to the negative information than that of the positive. Wanting to be Alpha Male, there are some Beta Male behaviours you must stop right away to make you attractive to women.

1. Seeking The Approval Of The Woman

This characteristic of a Beta Male of seeking the approval of women is something that turns them off. Most guys out there feel unsure about themselves and that makes it difficult for a woman to get attracted to them if she notice that sign. They try to win the approval of the woman they are trying to attract but they later get the blow of their love life. If you keep using words like "isn't it" or "right" makes the woman feel you're unsure about yourself.

2. Keep Checking Out On Every Beautiful Woman

I've notice this trait in a guy I refer to as a Beta Male. He is a nice looking guy but finds it very difficult to attract a woman in my opinion. You see him trying to flirt with some of the girls and that has place him in the "friend zone". No girl seems to see a future relationship with him since he keeps trooping to them to win their approval. A man whose mindset is to have more women doesn't have time for this so you shouldn't either. Keep a distance, let them come to you.

3. Feel Shy To Dominate

This trait if a Beta Males bores women to the core. Instead of taking control of the situation, they wait to seek the approval of the woman. Women wants you to live your ambitious life so they would be tagged along. Alpha Males has a stronger psychological reality and mindset than anyone else. Never assume things. Just make it happen.

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