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Mum Will Not Tell You This: Guys, Here Are 3 Things You Do That Hurts A Woman's Feelings

The majority of men are unaware that the things they do to women might harm them or make them sad. Just because a woman doesn't say she's in pain doesn't mean she isn't. The things you say and do can hurt a woman at times, but she might not tell you. That is why, when dealing with women, you should constantly be careful about the words you use and the actions you take.As a man, you may not mean any damage, but you may not realize that your actions are harming a woman. That is why you must be aware of the things that harm women in order to prevent them.

Here are three things you do that make a woman angry.

1. Comparing her to other women.When you compare yourself to another individual, no one will be happy or start laughing. When you start comparing a woman to other women, you are unknowingly hurting her feelings. She'll feel rejected and believe she's unworthy.Comparing a woman to another woman will not change anything; instead, it will breed hatred. Rather than comparing her to other women, help her become the woman you desire.

2.She is being cheated on.Another thing that hurts a woman's feelings is this. A woman will be deeply hurt if you cheat on her.

3.Saying things that are upsetting to her.Some men have no idea how to relate to women and use harsh and abusive language that hurts their sentiments. When you say harmful things to a woman, she will take it personally and take it far more seriously than you can imagine. If a woman has done anything that irritates you as a guy, you should not use cruel remarks on her unless you want to hurt her feelings.

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