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"Play Boy Manual" - 3 Reasons Why You're Still Single

Being single is not a bad thing but how you handle situations when single is what matters most. I've personally been single for so many years until I encountered a dating book that really changed my life. I grew from being the shy man to being the ladies man. I'm now the favourite of almost all the women I meet and surprising, they even make the attempt of keeping me company.

Yes, love goes where love is but you can also create your love in a woman through your actions. Don't give up on the person you crushing on because it is difficult to wait but more difficult to regret. I've personally been bounced by a particular girl I'm interested in for the past years and still counting hoping that there would eventually be light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's dive deeper to uncover some reasons why most guys are still single.

1. You Don't Understand How The Dating Process Works

This is shockingly one of the best reasons why you are still single even at your current age. Most guys lacks a clear understanding of how to go about a perfect relationship with a woman so they don't see any importance of approaching them. Being a genius in the game of love, you should be able to understand of the game works and what card to play at the right time. Don't be easily swayed by the game but take total and absolute control.

2. You Ignore The Dating Aspect And Focus On The Others

Yes, that's another weird reasons why you are still single. No woman would come approach and propose to you if you don't approach them. In this part of the world, women who propose guys are usually considered as "cheap" and for that matter try to prevent such embarrassment. Don't sit in your comfort zone waiting for a woman to approach. Take the bold step of an Alpha Male and do the impossible.

3. You Don't Know How To Flirt With A Woman

I realised in my early times of being an Alpha Male was because, I never know how to start a perfect conversation with a woman and talking of getting her attracted to me. Realise your strength and build on it. If you know you can talk to a woman, try that today. Such behaviour for three months can change your life forever.

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