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I Have Regretted Agreeing To Date A Guy Who Already Sleeps With A Married Woman - Lady Tells Story

I’m a 23-year-old lady and a residence of Accra. I finished my national service not long ago so I’m not working at the moment. I’ve been with my boyfriend for close to 2 years now and I really love him. But before we got together we both had partners, but my boyfriend wasn’t serious and I’m the one who wants to settle down early and start having kids. I don’t want to be any man’s baby mama. I got really attached to my current boyfriend so I broke up with my boyfriend cos I knew that relationship won’t land me anywhere.

Fast forward, I realized the lady my boyfriend was dating is a married woman and he had some other girls he was still seeing so I gave him time to cut everyone off. If it’s me that he really wanted to be with which I think he did except the married woman who happens to be his boss at work. 

Since I knew about their relationship before I decided to go into it, at times I feel I shouldn’t complain because I knew what I was going into. At times when I complain he assures me and shows me their chat that he’s told the woman he wants to break up but the woman won’t understand. The last time I confronted him on this same issue, he indirectly told me the woman helps him so I should try and cooperate with the situation but this situation has caused me anxiety disorder.

I really want to end this but he’s the one supporting me financially here in Accra since all my family is in Kumasi. His family members really like me and I just don’t know what to do. I spend most of my days crying cos I know his relationship with the married woman is as strong as ours and he won’t quit anytime soon. I think a lot about why he can’t leave this older lady to be with me but I don’t have the courage to quit too because of his support and the kind of love between our families. 

At times I even feel like going to their work place to confront the woman myself or call her but I can’t stoop so low too because of a man. I at times want to speak to his mum or any of his relatives but I feel the situation is too embarrassing to tell someone and he will be disappointed in me if I do but I’m the one suffering.

I’ve never cheated in our relationship but now I feel that will make me feel better but I can’t stand cheating on him too cos genuinely, aside this situation, he’s a very nice person I wouldn’t regret settling with. I get angry whenever I see the woman call him or text him. This situation has got me so broken, I truly love this guy. Please what do I do ? 

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