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Divorce Affair

Cheating is part of marriage. Empress Gifty boldly explains. The fans responded.

Empress Gifty made a shocking remark about adultery, stating that adultery is part of marriage and should be treated as such. She points out that couples need this knowledge to avoid surprises.

Ghana's award-winning evangelical singer Empress Gifty explains that cheating is part of marriage and needs to be prepared for. In an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM, singer Jesus Over Do said that cheating happened centuries ago and is very common in marriages.

Empress Gifty explained her thesis by admitting that adultery is part of marriage, saying that couples should be prepared to avoid surprises and disappointments.

The gospel singer says that couples make mistakes, and cheating is one of the most common mistakes. He added that married people should be willing to forgive easily and move on when that happens.

Empress Gifty said that if you marry with the idea that your partner will not cheat, the worst-case scenario could be too disastrous.

She believed that many marriages will not end in divorce if people remember such incidents and have a habit of forgiving people mistakes.

Do not perceive your partners as the Holy Spirit or the Virgin Mary, but accept them as human and accept the fact that they can get away with it at any time.

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