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Daily Motivation: Man Without Hands Shows The World That Nothing Is Impossible With Determination

A stroll through the web got me the opportunity to come across a certain young man. I had never set eyes on him till this morning and to be very honest, I am glad I got to come by this amazing man. He got me dumbfounded by the way in which he did his things. The way he carried out tasks was so extraordinary and touching such that it will motivate you to move forward in life.

This man will really let you all know that you can do everything you want to do in life once you have the determination and the passion to complete that task. He proved that nothing is impossible in this life and it only becomes impossible when you decide not to put in the effort to get it done. I had never cherished that statement so much till I got to meet this beautiful person.

This article is going to see me talk about him. When I first saw him, I felt sad taking into consideration his physical condition but he indirectly communicated to me that "Disability never means inability". This man has got no hands yet, he decides to complete tasks ahead of him with options at his disposal.

He literally has no arms and no legs but he decided to teach his followers how to apply makeup on his page. One would ask himself how he would execute that plan perfectly since he got no hands to pick the brushes. This guy really used his cheek together with his neck to do all the painting and surprisingly, it turned out to work perfectly.

During this procedure, he was going step-by-step as he made mention of what his followers have to do when applying makeup. Little by little, the bird builds its nest. He had to apply the pencils, eye lashes, powders and lip gloss all by himself.

He really killed it as he turned out bringing a perfect makeup. If he could do this all by himself without giving up, nothing should stop you from achieving your goals in life. I want to inspire you this morning to keep on working hard because at the end of every tunnel, there is light patiently waiting for you.

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