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How Can You Do This To Someone's Son In The Name Of Love - Lady Kicks Her Boyfriend In Kung Fu Style

We must always be grateful for what we have because wishing for someone's life without knowing the burden and stress they endure or encounter on a day-to-day basis is sheer dumbness.

Most times we see people paying attention to TV shows, friends, relatives, and close acquaintances to take advice on how to run their relationship in a certain way but they forget that those giving the advice are humans too and might be going through severe issues with their partners.

Every partner and so is every relationship. What didn't work for you might for someone else and vice versa? 

A young lady who has been soaking the venoms of ill advice from her friends about her boyfriend reacted by kicking the boyfriend in a Jackie Chan style. The lady has been reportedly abusing the guy for three years and physically assault any lady that comes to him.

Social media users reacted to the video in varying degrees. Whereas some people thought it was funny, others believed that the action of the lady was uncivil and if the situation was reversed the guy would have been in prison but because she is female, she gets a free pass for physical assault on her partner.

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