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6 Rules You Shouldn't Break As A Guy No Matter How Much You Like A Girl

As a man, you shouldn't be seen doing some things. If you want to be respected as a gentleman and preserve your dignity and self-respect, you shouldn't break some policies on social relations, no matter how badly you want a lady.

Ladies appreciate the self-respecting men, that is why you should never break these six principles, whether you like a woman or like her.

1. Don't write her again if you text a girl on social media and she does not reply.

This is the golden rule when it comes to social dating. You don't want to look thirsty or overstated; you want to look trendy although you first text a woman, so you shouldn't write her more than once if she doesn't reply to the first text.

2. When a woman accepts a social media application from your friend, do not enter her DM and begin typing "Thanks for accepting my request" or "Thanks for following me back," because it makes her feel too critical and she will begin to see you in a different way

3. Don't bombard her with too many questions when chatting on the internet with a lady.

You don't want to show your attitude in an interview, so don't ask a lady too many questions. And if you have any questions, make sure that they aren't yes-or-no enquiries.

5. Do not stalk the social media accounts of a woman.

As I said earlier, you should not be overly worried or thirsty. You should not therefore go all over the social media pages of a girl, like her photos and comment on her posts. You must not do that, no matter how much you want the woman to be.

6. Don't always be the one who begins the conversation.

You must determine whether she wants to communicate with you, and the most effective way is to wait occasionally for her and let her start the conversation.

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