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Please If Her Neck Is Salty, Never Visit Down There - A Young Man To Ghanaians

If the throat is salty, don't go down - a young man advises in to men. The act of assaulting a woman in coitus is something that both men and women - especially women - enjoy.

However, since the "division" of women is very subtle, the best hygiene should be ensured as follows.

Poor hygiene can cause some unpleasant odors to emit from the camera. Not only poor hygiene, men and women are advised to shower first before performing acrobatics in the bedroom.

If he sweats, it can be assumed that everything will go wrong under the bridge. Well, a Twitter user came out to offer advice on how men should know when not to fall.

At one point he said that when you kissed. a woman's throat and you realize it's salty just know it's not the right time to go there.

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