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How To Say I Love You Without Words

We feel love in many relationships. Family bonds and friendships are full of love that needs to be maintained and nurtured. Even more commonly, we think of love as the romantic bond between two people. Whether you're in a new relationship and afraid to say it out loud, or your love has endured the test of time, showing your love without saying “I love you” can be great for your relationship. Letting your actions speak will make the words that much stronger when you do say them!

1 Listen to your partner. Regardless of what point you are in a relationship, or what relationship you have with a person, everyone wants to feel valued. One of the clearest ways to show someone that you love them is to actively listen to what they have to say. Put away any distractions, make eye contact with the other person, and show that you care.

You should talk back when it is your turn to talk, but don't interrupt the person.

2 Go to bed together. Even if days are super busy, going to bed with your partner can allow you at least a little intimate time together each night. It allows the two of you to have pillow talk to cuddle up before going to sleep (or while sleeping even). Making an effort to wrap up your evening and go to bed with your partner is a great way to say that you love them.

3 Wake up together. While you may be on a different schedule than your partner, it speaks volumes if the two of you wake up together. Having time for a cup of coffee together (or even better a full breakfast) before the day starts can really show that you are going the extra mile to say “I love you.”

Even if one of you goes back to sleep after the other leaves or starts working, that is fine. Just making the effort to spend those few moments together is what is Important.

4 Make time to support their endeavors. Since every relationship and every person is different, you and your partner may or may not be in the same career field or enjoy all of the same things in your free time. That being said, it is important that you support each other by showing up to big events. This might be going as a date to your partner's business meeting or dinner, or something going to watch them play in a tennis match. What is important here is that you show up to support your partner both at home and in public.

It is also a nice gesture to be supportive on days that aren't big events. For example, you might surprise your partner by stopping in at the office with their favorite lunch one day. Just be careful not to do this everyday or take it to an overbearing extreme.

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