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Catherine The Great, The Queen Of Russia Who Had More Than 10 Lover's And Overthrew Her Own Husband.

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Catherine The Great ruled all of Russia for more than thirty years and expanded it's border's, making the country one of the most powerful players in global politics. She was described by historian's as “having many lovers" may be due to her twelve romantic relationships which took place in just a span of forty-four years, from 1752 to 1796 and most of these

relationships lasted more than two years. Catherine knew that to marry meant relinquishing her powers and so chose partners whom she only enjoyed a good working relationship. She got married to the future Czar, Peter III and their marriage was deemed as a “mismatch" because nine years after their

reunion, she found an alternative lover, Sergei Saltkov in 1752 and later had another one in just a short while, Stanislaus Poniatowski, whom she had a

daughter with and who she later installed as king of Poland. She overthrew her husband in a coup d'état in July 1762 and became the crowned Empress of Russia. She never married again but instead, took lovers who she promoted to key positions in the Kingdom. She had a son with one of her coup

supporters, Grigory Orlev but when Grigory left the court in August 1772, Catherine took another lover, Alexander Vasilchikov but their relationship did not last long. She replaced Vasilchikov with Grigory Potemkin in 1774. Potemkin and Catherine's

relationship was one of the longest and even after it ended in 1776, he was given the title “Prince of the Holy Roman Empire" and remained her favourite minister. Catherine The Great had seven more romantic relationship in her next twenty years and her partner's were now usually much younger men.

There were many stories which were told about Catherine's sekzual life, from nymphomania to voyeurism but there's little evidence to prove this points and historian's have speculated it to be mere hearsay.

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