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5 Ways We Complicate Our Lives (& How to Fix It)

Do you feel like you're caught on a hamster wheel going round and round but getting nowhere? Are you quick to make excuses for the busyness that saps the very life from your soul? Here are 5 ways we all love to complicate our lives and only we can stop the cycle.


1. Not Telling the Truth

Lies complicate matters, even those little white ones you know. Say you bought something off the marketplace and you spend fifty cedis on it, your partner asks how much you spent and you reply forty cedis and move on. But down the line, you're telling someone about your amazing purchase and you say you spent fifty cedis and your partner's like whoa, you told me 40 and you're caught red-faced.

Here's the thing with lies; A, we don't remember them; B, they make us more anxious; and C, they require more energy to maintain. Avoid complicating your life. Yes, the truth can hurt but rather that than a lie that just temporarily fixes a problem.


2. You're Always Saying That's How We Always Do It

That is completely inefficient and pointless. And just because you've always done something a certain way doesn't mean it's the right or best way. By opening up your mind to change, you could find your life becomes simpler and less complicated. Listen to others and take advice and guidance when offered. If you could streamline your life, work or home, then do it. Even confirmed that the most dangerous phase in business is ‘we've always done it this way’ it was likened to ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it.’ That mentality gets you nowhere, you remain static and allow yourself zero room to grow.


3. You Try To Control Everything

I’m sure you've heard that the biggest disappointments in life are the ones where you expected a certain outcome and it didn't transpire that way. And that's because we tried to control the outcome and when we do that and things don't work out the way we expected, the disappointment is even worse. By accepting that not everything will go our way and that often what we want from life is not always what we need, then you'll start feeling like things are a lot less complicated and less disappointing.


4. We Try To Fill Every Blank Space

What do I mean by that? Have you ever been in someone's company and you feel like you need to fill the silence with constant speaking? Have you got a space in your home that you need to fill with something be it more furniture, another picture or an ornament of some sort? Have you got an opening in your mind that you're constantly filling with thoughts? We have this constant desire to have nothing empty and the more we try to fill these spaces, the more complicated we make our own lives. The chatter achieves nothing, the extra furniture is just more furniture to clean and the unnecessary thoughts create worry and anxiety. Some things are just best left blank.


5. You Avoid the Tough Issues

Is confrontation your kryptonite? Do you brush mountains under carpets? Do you bury your head in the sand and just hope the problem goes away? Because they don't and next you'll find yourself in therapy wondering how the hell you went from a small issue that could have been resolved to popping urban all day every day and sitting on a therapist's sofa. Don't complicate things further so have those tough conversations, be hurt for a little while, learn from the experience, grow from it and move on.


Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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