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Newly wedded couple files for divorce three weeks after their marriage

Newly wedded couple files for divorce three weeks after their marriage 

The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Sampson Debrah, is about to be dissolved, after three weeks of marriage. Sampson and Agartha have been quarrelling ever since they got married in January 2021. The couple who were once in love with each other, has grown from love to hate, after several unanswered questions popped out from their marriage. Sampson and Agartha first met in 2018, but they weren't serious at the time. Sampson who was not interested in marriage, is over 40 years, whiles Agartha is just 30 years. Agartha was at a program when she met Sampson but, both couldn't try it because of personal issues. 

Agartha at the time, was battling her broken herself and a depressed emotions. She couldn't bring herself, in starting a new life with someone again. Sampson got the courage to try his luck in 2019, but Agartha was still not ready for him. Sampson took in a friend of Agartha, with the aim of helping him get closer to Agartha. That worked and he was able to get dinners, and weekend study together with her. He made his choices clear, and Agartha gave him a try. He wasn't bad as he made his intentions to her, very simple and moderate. 

All was lies, Sampson wanted something else. Agartha didn't know all was lies, but because of her past experiences, she never gave in wholeheartedly. Sampson became furious with himself, when Agatha couldn't open the doors of Jerusalem to him. He tried all he could, but the doors remained closed. Agartha had given up on men, and promised never to allow herself to be cheated by any man again. She hold tight to the keys of Jerusalem's gate, and never did she opened it for Sampson, despite his numerous achievements in everything. 

Sampson bought her a Kia optima, gave her monthly allowances and spoiled her to late night dinners and movies, but the doors were still closed for him. Agartha pulled one quick question to him, if he was ready to enter Jerusalem, then he needed to prove his worth for it. The cars and the other things, meant nothing for Agartha, as she has experienced same thing in the past. It ended in tears for her, which gave her countless months of therapy, until she was able to recover. 

So if she was going to open the gates of Jerusalem to anyone, it was going to be her wedding night, as she promised herself. She was not in need of any man again after her first breakup, and she told herself if no man came for her, she would live a single life until death came for her. So losing a man was not part of her priorities, and kept her cool whiles she shut the doors closed. Agartha relieved her chest of her pains, when Sampson brought an engagement tag for her, on her birthday. 

The was the first step to her downfall, she never knew it was all a planned thing just for her to open her doors. If Sampson could have landed the keys to Jerusalem, that would have been the end of Agartha, and she could have ended up crying for years. The engagement ring proved nothing for Agartha, as she continued to close her doors. Sampson took Agartha's friend Linda, when he couldn't get what he wanted with Agartha. Linda was promised a house and a car, if she shut up. 

Linda found out she was pregnant, and Sampson honoured his promise by first giving her the house. All this while, Agartha knew nothing about it, until the eve of her wedding day. Agartha found out when she sensed Linda's four months old bum, but never mind. Linda who was Agartha's bridesmaid, was in deed having a child for Agartha's husband, whiles Agartha herself hasn't tasted the ice cream. Agatha and Sampson wedded on the 23 of January, 2021, and it was there Linda came clean to Agartha. 

She felt a sense of humor, and wanted to let her best friend know that, she was expecting Sampson's child. Sampson promised Linda a house and a car, and gave her the house but the car wasn't given. Linda who found Sampson to be the man she was hoping to spend the rest of her life with, went clean to Agartha just after her marriage ceremony. Sampson couldn't hide his fears, and told Agartha everything. Agatha since the night of 23 January to date, hasn't opened up to Sampson despite coming clean to her. Sampson felt enough was enough and tried to force Agartha, as in so doing, Agartha filed for divorce this morning.

Agartha had filed for a divorce with the Ejisu municipal court hoping to dissolve her marriage, just three weeks after getting married. Agartha is certain she will get freedom, and go back living her single life so Sampson and Linda can continue their thing. The case which will be heard on Wednesday 24 February, will see Agartha and Sampson, convincing the court why they both needs separation. Sampson did not show any indication of fighting for a divorce, when I met him for an interview. He is optimistic, the judge will give him a second chance, to make things right with his wife. He wanted to hit and run, but he has now grown to admire his wife, to the extent that he can't live without her. He prays, the court will cancel this divorce, and Agartha will give in to him. 

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