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Loose this as a lady, and you risk loosing your man

In a chaos and selfish world, everyone need to feel love and be loved. Mostly ladies think a man does not need love, because society has made it so. Men are not really seen to be who they are, instead they are defined by their works and achievements. In as much as men have adopted to this expectation, they also need love just like every other human.Infact, they want to be also loved for who they are, not what they have. The question now is for ladies or women to find out how to show love to their man. Below are some ways you can spell love to your man:


Men define respect as love, you can buy the whole world for your man but if you do not show him respect, he will think that you do not love him.If you want to keep your man , you must first learn how to respect him.


Men are moved by sight. No matter how a man loves you, he would not like to see you at the same level all the time. Imagine seeing a particular thing or doing same activity over a period of time. You get bored, right. It is same for every man. They become bored seeing you at the same level all the time. Be a dynamic lady.


The world is already a battle field, and men are always at the front line fighting for their self worth. Instead of comparing your man with others. Use that energy to encourage him.

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