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They have an equal claim.

You see, I have had this thing at heart for a very long. As to how the world has being so unfair as to make the woman think all she has to aspire to, is being equal to man. But far from that is a woman's full potential. Her capabilities far surpasses that of mans reach by a million galaxies. Simply put women were not created to be our equals, they were created to be more than that. Because a woman can do what a man can do and even more.

      But we leave in a world that has made her believe that, she deserves it when a man slaps her. A high probability that she provoked him to hit her. Or to the sickest notion that she asked for it. But when a woman raises her hand at a man then she's got no respect. Going as far as saying that her parents did a poor job of raising her.

      A cheats woman on her husband and its abominable. She's called a whole host of unspeakable names. But a man cheats and its still the woman's fault. She is probably not satisfying him in bed or taking good care of him at home. She is told to backup and tolerate it and check on her herself to keep her man. How come a man does it and its normal. But a woman does it, and its unheard of.

      His wife dies and he remarries after 3 years and he is given a pat on the back and praised for a good decision. But a woman remarries after five years of being a widow, and they ask if she did not conspire to kill her husband. How could she remarry so quickly.

      He is thirty and running his own company, and its the fruit of his hard-work. He gets praised at every turn. But a thirty year old woman runs her own company, and they start asking how many men she slept with to get her business running. This woman is not serious at all, imagine she is not even married. Forgetting that success is a fruit of ones hard-work, it comes as and when it pleases, not because we will it or our gender.

      A woman is that person who you will give a sperm, and she will give you a child. Give her a house, and she will turn it into a home. Give her children and she will give you a family. Give her money and she will give you a meal. A woman can be a full time working housewife, and still manage to be; A mum, a wife, a daughter, a daughter in-law, an alarm clock, a cook, a maid, a teacher, a waitress, a nanny, a nurse, a handy woman, a security officer, a counselor and a comforter. She gets no sick leave or holidays. Yet we fail to see their value.

Very much like salt, we do not see their importance till there are no longer there.

Put great value on that, sister, daughter, wife and mother. They are your equal and not of less value than you are. Lets give them the respect they deserve, because we all have an equal claim to this world.


Felix Kwasi Annan


Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )


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