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5 Ways To Get Him Stick And Attach To You Deeply

For you to be to planning marriage with someone is a puzzle. And making things work for you to keep that going in the relationship is another thing on its own.

For you to get attached to such guys, you have to change yourself completely to be who you are not is be on the floor for him to walk on you.

Never play games when you want a guy to focus on you, it may turn to affect you badly.

There are best proven things you can do to make your man get attached to you alone. As you know no woman want to share her man with another woman.

Below are the 5 ways to make your guy get attach to you 

1. Allow him to be part of your life

Frankly speaking men are sometimes like children if you know how to treat them well. The are like boys who have been wrapped in in an adult in the a man's body.

If you keep discussing issues concerning your life with your man deeply it will make him draw much closer and he will get attracted to you..

2. Give him a space

Mostly women turns to forgot their aspirations,, their visions, their big dreams and even their hobbies and some their jobs all because they want to give an attention to a man she is in love. 

But one of the best thing a woman can do to get her man more attached like a glue is to give him space to be himself, be with friends and family.

It's also show sign of trust which is a root to happy relationship.

3. Let go of it a bit from time to time

I want you to know that the brain of a man works differently from that of a woman. Therefore incase of of disagreement their logic is different from that of a woman.

Men have ego so don't allow arguments to push your relationship back. Remember that to repair all wrongs is mostly not necessary. Therefore choose your battles wisely and make sure to defend things that are mostly important to you.

When you deliberately annoy your man, it will rui everything, just be smart..

4. Be his support system

Build the trust he has for you t upo the extent that he will come to the knowledge that you are his support system.

Make sure to let him know that even if he makes mistakes or fall you will always be there for him. When you that your man, he will mostly not ask you for support not because he doesn't need it.

But because he knows he has you as support, you will always watch his back for him.

He will never want to leave you too long because he will enjoy your company so much.

Most often, we forget the little things in life that make the difference.

Stay blessed. Comment and share please. Follow me for more articles. 

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