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6 Reasons Women Are Happier With Less Attractive Men Than Good Looking Men In A Relationship

Women fantasize about attractive men and often think that dating a more daring guy is the key to a satisfying relationship. However, the reality may be far from expectations. Studies show us that for a woman to be truly happy, her other half must not be the prettiest. According to the study, Below are the reasons why less attractive men make the best life partners.

They will put extra effort into impressing their significant other. Less attractive men tend to go the extra mile to please their other half. Knowing that they are not so lucky in the beauty department, they try to make up for it by buying her gifts, taking her on a romantic getaway every now and then, or helping her with household chores.By constantly spicing things up and keeping the flame burning, the woman will feel appreciated and the relationship will grow stronger each day.

They are less likely to cheat. They won’t attract much attention at first glance, and that means they will generally be exposed to less temptation than attractive men. With fewer options, men are less likely to get lost and more likely to remain loyal.

All eyes will be on the woman. Having arm candy is daunting at times. Going out and knowing that you are in the shadow of your partner will make most women feel insecure and inferior. This can sometimes create tension in the relationship and even lead to arguments or fights. On the other hand, having a less attractive man on your side can make a woman feel more confident about her appearance and desire.

They are fully invested in the relationship. According to a Study Women Are Happier, Being less focused on their own appearance and attractiveness allows men to give their partners more attention, affection, and emotional support, making them the center of their universe. Research has shown that physically attractive men are less satisfied with their relationship and less supportive of their wives. Even if you’re dating the biggest heartthrob out there, if your man is hard to please, not a good listener, and doesn’t make you his priority, the relationship will most likely end. Because they are generally not used to relying on their appearance to attract potential mates, less handsome men tend to develop positive personality traits that help them win the hearts of the opposite sex. And as they say, it seems to fade but the character remains. So having a quality man like your other half is a blessing to be appreciated.

The woman will feel more comfortable in her own skin. One study showed that women with more attractive partners are highly motivated to diet. While that doesn’t mean the diet itself is bad, the reason for the motivation shouldn’t be the fact that your man looks better than her. For a woman wants to lose weight or change her appearance in some way to keep up with other people, it usually indicates that she doesn’t feel good about herself, which can affect her self-esteem and even lead to depression.

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