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"I can't marry you because of this", girlfriend rejects guy's marriage proposal with painful excuse.

There have been a lot of turned-down marriage proposals lately, and it's getting out of hands because many women are starting to normalize the act of declining marriage proposals. 

There are a variety of explanations for declining marriage proposals, but the one given by this lady in this article, has gotten many people asking why. Why on earth would she embarass her boyfriend in the manner she did? Her boyfriend proposed to her in front of everybody, expecting her to say yes, but infortunately, she denied in so many words. The man was sad due to how embarrassing the situation was.

The picture shows the moment the boyfriend proposed in the market, whilst they were shopping for foodstuffs. People cheered them up, anticipating that it was going to be a nice and lovely story. The crowd was eager to congratulate them after the lady's positive response, but the lady began to show hesitation in accepting the ring. 

She first asked, "Why would you propose in the market of all places?", and "Why not anywhere else?" in disrespectful tones. The lady then finally said that man's reproductive organ is even too small and unsatisfactory. She added painfully that she cannot stay with the man for the rest of her life. After saying all this, she hastily left the market, leaving behind her boyfriend who was still on her knees with teary eyes. The crowd hurled insults on the lady whilst others also consoled the man.

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