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To Avoid the Greatest Shock of Life, Trust No One (Opinion)

Whether in love, family, business or political relationship, it's much safer for you to just give people the benefit of doubt and pretend that they can have your trust.

Look, it's even far harder to trust yourself than it is to have faith in humans.

How many people do trust in God in trial times?

Don't fool yourself or allow people to deceive you into believing in them.

You cannot have faith in what changes. People change. Situations also change.

Why do we have misunderstandings , conflicts, breakups, divorces, eeconomic crises among others?

It boils down to trust. You cannot trust anyone with your love, money or life even if that person has been tested!

It's said in America that if you need a friend just go ahead and buy a dog.

Live like a cold monster. Expect the unexpected from family members, friends or business partners. Be proactive and think ahead at all times.

Most people who revolve around you camouflage, pretend, are deceitful or two faced.

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Trust No One


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