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Don't Do The Following Because Of Love, You May Regret It

Relationships are vital to our lives and existence, most especially intimate ones. A relationship involves the idea of emotionally satisfying one’s partner and equally making them fulfilled. However, it is important to know when to draw the line. Being in a relationship requires making sacrifices, but they shouldn’t be the ones that will amount to future regrets. After all, the essence of being in a relationship is to increase our happiness and that of our partner and not the other way round. 

Regarding this article, we shall be examining certain things a person should not do; not even for the sake of love. See them below. 

Being broke by spending heavily to impress your partner. 

A relationship is supposed to be held on a mutual ground of understanding and togetherness, but a situation where a partner is fond of exploiting the financial resources of the other will amount to resentment and eventually a lack. Your decision to spend on your partner should be based on free will and not out of compulsion. The practice of spending on trivialities just to impress your partner is one attitude that will leave you broke in no distant time. 

Lose or deny your family members. 

If you are in a relationship with a person who doesn’t want you to have a friend or to relate with any of your family members, that is certainly a sign of a toxic relationship. The family bond is just as important as a romantic relationship, hence; do not succumb to the pressure of disregarding your parents or other family members simply because your partner says so. If this is the case in your relationship, it becomes important you both reach an understanding to solving the problem, or better still; seek the advice of a relationship therapist. 

Beg for attention. 

If you are always fond of begging for attention from your partner, it may well be time to give up that relationship. A relationship where either partner has to constantly beg for the attention of the other is simply a sign of a relationship that lacks commitment and zeal, and such a relationship is not worth spending one's time on. 

Compete with others.

Love is not a game and it's certainly not a competition either. Being compelled to look fashionable like others, using sophisticated trendy gadgets and other trivialities just to impress your partner is one practice that might lead to regrets in future. Having a partner who pressurizes you to look like everyone else is not a good partner to settle down with in my opinion. 

Lose your inner joy and personal happiness

Being in a relationship where your partner doesn’t care about your happiness or passion but only wants his or her desires to be met is not worth venturing into in the first place. A relationship is supposed to be based on understanding, tolerance and support, but being in a relationship where your happiness doesn't count is an early sign of abuse that will completely erode your happiness when not curtailed on time. If you stop doing the things that make you happy, you will resent the relationship and it may become destructive to you.

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