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Seven Serious Mistakes Men Make When Texting Women

If you are like the vast majority of men, you are surely neglecting a fundamental skill in matters of seduction; your ability to send good texts and messages to women. Yet, what could be more frustrating than seducing a woman, getting her number (which she gave you easily because she seemed interested), then to see her gradually lose interest in you over the messages you send her. 

In this kind of situation, the basic reaction of a man is to resent the girl. You will say to yourself, "She's not reliable" , "she's kidding me" , "she's just a tease", et cetera. But by thus refusing the responsibility for your failure, you risk missing out on a gaping fault in your game of seduction. In any case, if today you are like most men, you are probably making one (or a few) of the mistakes that I am about to reveal to you below. Subtle mistakes that can destroy your chances of seducing a woman.

1. Appearing boring

When a woman gives you her number, she does not sign a contract in which she agrees to see you again. And as long as she doesn't think it's going to be fun to see you. She won't bother to find you for a drink, a restaurant or a Netflix plan at your place.When you boring messages to a woman. She will tell herself that you are not worth spending time on a date with you.

Here are some signs that show you are not fun in your communication, "Hello, I was delighted to meet you on Saturday." It is mostly because you sound too formal and you are also putting too much pressure on her to respond to your messages by asking unnecessary questions. Remember that every message you send must make you sound like a fun guy, with whom she will want to spend time and forget about her often uninteresting daily routine.

2. Believing that because she responds to you, she is attracted

The basic mistake that most man makes is believing that because a woman responds to his messages, she is attracted to him. When he receives a reply to his message, he mistakenly believes that it is a sign that he is getting closer to his goal of seeing and dating this woman. Even if a woman answers your messages, you may not be getting closer to dating her. When wondering about what to write to a girl, try to get your point across as simply and succinctly as possible .

Most men keep sending meaningless messages to women. Text messages like "How was your day?" or "Did you enjoyed the beautiful weather today?" These messages do not help you to get closer to a woman, nor to create a connection with her, nor to increase your value in her eyes. On the other hand with this kind of messages, a woman will see that your only goal is to get a response from her ( which in itself has no interest ).

3. Becoming too predictable.

Say you managed to get a date with a woman. However, nothing changes after you continue seeing her. It's quite natural to take it easy with a woman you're dating, but you should avoid this at all costs. Be able to surprise her once in a while with messages she doesn't expect. Tell her you have a "surprise" to show her the next time you see her.

Tell her something made you think of her today but don't tell her what it is right now. Let the mystery hover. Send her a wacky message or a funny photo. Ask him to do the same. If a woman doesn't know what to expect from your messages, her interest in you will increase. And then with a few good messages loaded with emotions you also prepare the ground for wild and scorching nights.

4. Sending long texts

Text messages are different from face to face conversations. Your message exchange should be the equivalent of a summary of the highlights of a traditional conversation. This means that you have to purge all the formalities and boring or whatever moments from your SMS conversations.

Every time you pick up your smartphone, jump straight to fun and interesting stuff . Anecdotes, a private joke, a funny nickname. Find a way to arouse emotion in the woman you are dating, so that she gives you her undivided attention.

5. Offer to take her out before you create a good "vibe"

If you offer a date to a woman before you have successfully aroused positive emotions in her, you can be almost certain that she will decline the invitation. The positive emotions she may have felt during your first meeting will inevitably fade. And the thought of having to get ready, put on makeup, and go meet a man she barely knows can chill her deeply.

Take this from me, a girl will have no difficulty convincing herself that it's not worth moving for a first date and that's why you must first of all make her feel a whole lot of emotions such as fun, mystery and surprise. It's just much easier to get a "yes" from a woman to whom you have previously made good emotions feel in your SMS exchanges.

6. Thinking you're the only one texting her

Now here's a sad truth, if you are texting with a woman, be sure of one thing and that is that you are not the only man on the spot.There are probably other guys who are flirting with her right now, her exes who might have not given up on the affair, her colleagues or classmates and other people. A pretty woman has a lot of men who "fight" for her attention just like yourself.

So if you want to stand out, your messages should showcase your personality, your "style". A woman should be able to recognize your style and know it's a message from yourself without seeing your name. So, what words, phrases, punctuation or emojis characterize you?

7. Believing she's different.

Never tell a woman how you feel about her by text. Confessing your love over text will, unsurprisingly, scare the girl away. In your mind, at one point or another, you will try to convince yourself that "this girl is different". But the second you start to think about it about a woman, you set out on the path of failure and disappointment with it.

She is not different from everyone else. Anytime you start to think about it, pull out your phone and reread this article. Now that you know these mistakes try your very best to avoid them when texting women.

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