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5 Painful Signs Your Partner is No Longer Interested

Sometimes it's not obvious, sometimes it's as clear as day but when you start to get that feeling your partner is just not that into you, it's not a good time. Below are 5 painful signs your partner is no longer in love with you.


1. You're Not Part of Their Plans This Weekend or Long Term

It's a hard reality to face but if you're honest, when was the last time your partner included you in their weekend plans? When did they go out of their way to create activities or time for you to be together? And more long term, when did they last discuss children or a new house that included you? If you haven't been part of their plans, it can be a sign they don't see you in their future. It could also be the case of someone with a strong independence streak and perhaps that can work for both of you but if it doesn't, then find someone who will make you their plan a, b and c.


2. They're Easily Irritated By You

Do you feel like everything you do just seems to annoy your partner? Things that they found cute or endearing in the early days now make them explode at you. Then the love might have gone from the relationship or perhaps it's something else, but either way, it's not normal to be the cause of irritation to the one you're sharing your life with.


3. They Don't Ask You about Your Day or Life

Knowing what your partner had for lunch at work or how their mother's rose garden is doesn't seem that important, but research has proved that couples build intimacy through hundreds of very ordinary mundane moments, in which they attempt to make emotional connections. if your partner isn't asking about your ordinary or mundane parts of life, then the love might have run dry.


4. They've Stopped Committing to Future Plans with You

Perhaps you're not at the place of talking about marriage or house buying yet, but if your partner has started being vague or shady about committing to travel plans for after graduation or after COVID travel bans lift, then that could be a sign they don't really see you together now. This can be hard to face but it's better to get to the bottom of it now than lose money, time or both investing in something with someone you don't share the same roadmap with.


5. They Prioritize Other People over You Their Partner

If your partner is more concerned about hurting a colleague's feelings to cancel dinner plans than to stay home and look after you when you're truly sick, you might not be their main priority. Sure there are some situations we must remain dedicated to and you can't always drop them to be there for your partner, however, if you're not a needy partner and your needs are never prioritized, then your partner might have checked their love at the door. It’s healthy to prioritize your partner over anyone even your own kids; the truth is that a healthy partnership leads to a happy home and your kids will benefit more from that in the long run.


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