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Husband and wife relationship

After 1-year Of Marriage, I Was A Maid To Him But Wasn't Paid

Nothing should stop you back off your marriage as a woman, upon the fight, rejection and negative attitude towards you, with perseverance and determination the end will justify the means and always remember that nothing happens under the the sun without a reason.

A nursing mother of 2 kids shares with this portal her frustrations in a marriage she joyfully moved into, while on record to have said; My husband left me for another woman after one year of marriage, i was heartbroken , didn't even have anything to care for our little ones and that's why i will never wish any woman to face the torture and humiliations i faced three months back when my husband treated me like a maid, fool, and just like housewife. He never showed me any drop of love apart from insulting me in his friends' presence.

I remember one night my best friend called and informed me how my husband was in a bar spending lots of money on alcohol with his new girlfriend. On that same day he gave an engagement Ring to her because it was her birthday.

I cried and wanted to leave him that day but didn't want to lose him because i loved him so much and besides he meant everything to me since we were in a foreign country and he was the only one i knew and trusted. he never allowed me to go anywhere or make friends so he was all i had. He came back in the morning and called me all sorts of names with insults and ordered me to leave his house.

He could always leave me in the house alone with the kids, sometimes with no food and went out to have fan with his girl friend. I was just like a maid to him the only difference i wasn't paid.

I Was very unhappy with him until my best friend connected me to a man of God who casted out a very strong spell on him, after 3 days, my husband apologized for all the pain he caused me and broke up with the girlfriend who could only advise him to go to bars or parks and drink, she narrated.

My dear marriage women don't move out of the relationship, regardless of what you are passing through, in pain and affliction your husbands need you to intercede for them. Always remember the statement "for better or worse", surly happiness would restore once again.

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