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Wedding planning scene

Wedding guest never disappoint. Watch video and see how this lady catwalks on her high heel.

let's welcome our wedding guest. It's not really compulsory for ladies to put on high heels, especially if you have no experience. Dont put yourself in stress to please people.

Walking in high heels often has it’s bad sides. For example walking on uneven surfaces, managing stairs and so on. These types of, lets say obstacles, are no problem in normal shoes, but can be when wearing high heels. How to walk in high heels through obstacles depends on the type of obstacle.

Wearing high heels in the office or at home is easy as usually the surfaces are nice. It is a completely different story when walking in heels outside on rough roads. So it's always advisable to keep a backup like a slipper or sandals to make changes on rough roads than to walk in a funny way.

See how a lady caught people's attention walking through rough road with a high heel. Click on link to watch video, like and share this article. Please don't forget to follow my page.

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