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Woman escorts colleague to a wedding only to find out her boyfriend is the one getting married

A woman decided to narrate her painful story in an auditorium. It was initially filled with smiles till a shocking revelation was made. The video in which she made the narration surfaced on the Ghanaian internet yesterday and I think watching it will help give you some needful lessons. Before I continue with this article, I would like to leave the link to the video over here.

This beautiful woman decide to share her plight by narrating what happened in her last relationship. Listening to the whole narrative, one would come to the conclusion that indeed, weird things are happening in this world. People are really doing the most evil things behind the scenes.

She met her boyfriend two years ago and they got on well with each other. Love had risen in their midst and these guys were ever ready to do everything together till death do them apart.

In the video, she claims two months ago, a colleague of hers in her workplace told her she would be going to a wedding and that, she needed her to join her. She finally agreed and set off with her on the wedding day.

To her surprise, after they got to the entrance, she realized the groom was the boy she had been with for two years. The boy was marrying his bestie instead. This shows that if not for her friend's invitation, the boy would have married and still come to her like nothing happened.

This is pure wickedness. I don't know why people will decide not to tell people they don't love them and instead, raise their hopes so high and later break their hearts. When she made mention of the fact that the groom was her boy, the people in the auditorium couldn't believe their eyes as they expressed shock on their faces.

Ladies and gentlemen, that bestie thing is really destroying many relationships. Be very careful with having a bestie. You get to understand that the man married his female bestie. People are going the extreme with their besties behind the scenes, shine your eyes.

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