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Date Rush: How Can You Reject Two Beautiful Ladies Because Of This?

Date Rush: How Can You Reject Two Beautiful Ladies Because Of This?

The date rush show is filled with some sort of excitement and ups and downs. Usually, the guy gets to choose among a bevy of ladies who she wants to go home with.

Other times it is the other way round. However, yesterday we witnessed a whole different swing.

A guy named 'Kobby Eugene' came to participate, in search of his true love, and ended up leaving the ladies with some form of embarrassment.

There were a couple of questions posed by the ladies on the show of which 'kobby' tried his best to provide appropriate answers to.

'Kobby Eugene' indicated he was a nurse who wanted to settle down with the lady she gets after the show. Some ladies were okay with her profession while others weren't.

All in all, he finally got the final two ladies to select from after his third profile video.

He went according to the rules of the show, and asked a very simple question. His question was, if after he got married to one of them, they were finding problems with having a child, what will the woman do if the fault was from any of them.

The answers the two ladies gave were very understandable. Their answers were channeled towards seeking divine intervention from the almighty creator.

After listening to their answers to his question, he had to make a decision on who to go home with.

When viewers thought he had selected Joana as his date for the night, he suddenly turned Joana's rush off, indicating he wasn't going home with any of the two ladies.

After he did that, he was given the opportunity to explain the reason for his actions, only for him to tell the audience he wasn't satisfied with the answers the two ladies gave him.

He also told Giovanni, he was actually interested in Bella and 'Bibi', not the final two he had.

One question that beats my imagination is, why will you go ahead to ask them a question when you know very well they are not your optimum choice?

Was Kobby trying to play with their feelings, or he was actually not pleased with the answers the two ladies gave him?

It's safe to say, whether they gave the appropriate answers or not, none of them would have been selected?

Even Bella and Bibi who were his optimum choice didn't side with him because, they felt they would be given similar treatment if they happen to date him.

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