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GUYS: See What Happens To Your Ears Once You Clean Them Using This Common Method(Very Important).

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We'll be discussing the disturbing effects of clearing earwax with Cotton Swabs. Cotton swabs are undoubtedly one of the most used methods of getting rid of earwax. This method is shockingly bad as it poses a serious threat to the ear. Ideally, the main reason why lots of people use cotton swabs is to clear or rid the ears of wax. However, as stated earlier, this method presents more harm than good.

What are the complications associated with the act?

1. The use of cotton swabs pushes earwax deeper leading to a build-up inside your eardrum.

Accumulation of earwax can lead to serious pain, a feeling of fullness in the ear, and muffled hearing.

2. It leads to injury.

The insertion of cotton swabs too far into the ear can potentially injure the structures of your middle ear.

An ear problem of this sort is a ruptured eardrum.

3. Infections

Ideally, earwax helps trap and slow the growth of bacteria that enters your ear canal, using a cotton swab can earwax and the bacteria it contains farther into your ear, leading to an ear infection.

4. Last but not least, such an act introduces a foreign body into the ear.

Bottom line

Ears are self-cleaning, it's therefore not necessary to remove earwax let alone with cotton swabs.

The aforementioned indicates that the use of cotton swabs causes complications like pain, injury, etc.

To clean the ears, first, soften the earwax and then irritate your ear with warm water, allowing it to drain.

Never insert an object like a cotton swab into your ear.

I hope it was helpful? Feel free to drop your question s and comment below.

Thank you.

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