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Husband and wife relationship

A Man Narrates Why His Wife Doesn't Want Their Children To Stay With Him

A man well known as Adams Issifu got married to Alimatu Sadia at Kumasi, the two of them travelled to Ejira got a land and started farming on it. The man said they were blessed with three children but his wife has been listen to their neighbours advised instead of going according to what he ordered her to do.

His also said his wife doesn't prepare the kind of food he wants, they always has a misunderstanding about her behaviour. Adams continued that he fell sick about one year ago, he was not able to work hard on their farm as he used to be. He has been going to the farm with his three children to help him but his wife doesn't want the children to help him work on the farm.

Adams stated that she has moved from his house with their children and went to stay at another town. The man said if his wife doesn't want their children to come and stay with him and help him on the farm then she should get him labourers who will work on his farm, before he will agree with her to stay with the children.

According Sadia, their first child is 14 years old but he is in class 3, the woman continued that the children go to the farm early in the morning with their father to cut down trees and also spray the weeds before they will go to school around 10 AM. She said due to the hard work her children have been doing, they always go to school feeling tired and always sleep in class.

This condition has affected their academic work. Sadia again said she has moved out of her husband's house with the children to another place to help them go to school regularly and also get a better future for them. The woman concluded that she will never allow her children to go back to their father's house due to stress they have gone through when they were with their father.

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Adams Issifu Alimatu Ejira Sadia


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