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Watch Moment A Lady And Her Boyfriend Fell Off A Motorbike In The Middle Of A Busy Road

How some people show their level of excitement can be devastating sometimes. Most of the time, it is difficult to express how happy one is. Due to that, people try their best to use whatever good means possible to exhibit their happiness. This can be done through singing, dancing, among several other ways.

There have been instances where young people especially the males ride motorbikes and skillfully display some talents on roads just to show their level of excitement, convey messages or other reasons.

Motor vehicles, just like other vehicles can be safe and at the same time risky. When riding motorbikes, helmets are always encouraged to be worn by the riders for safety purposes. Anything can happen at anytime. Should I accidentally get hit by a car while riding a motorbike, the helmet seeks to protect his or her skull from getting damaged.

Although some people know the risk involved in refusing to wear helmets, they still decide not to wear. Sometimes, these things are done for fame. They are done for fame because, let's take an instance where riders are competing on a busy road and displaying massive skills. They would obviously and mostly not wear helmets for people to see their faces and give them the necessary cheering and praises.

A viral video circulating online shows how a lady and her boyfriend narrowly escaped death after falling off from a motorbike they were both seated on.

From the way a lot of men were riding the motorbikes, you can obviously conclude that there was something going on. Onlookers as usual were around and watching what was going on.

Unfortunately, one lady and her boyfriend fell from the motorbike they were seated on and landed heavily on the ground. They were lucky enough to escape being run over by the other riders who were also in a speed.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below;

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