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Ladies and relationship issues:Tips to build your relationship

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It is good to fall in love with someone falling in love with someone who touches your heart in terms of affection is one of the greatest things to have achieved on earth.In the Akan tradition,One cannot just meet a lady and go into her house and ask her hands for marriage.Even the lady will not accept that immediate initiative by the man.When two lovers meet themselves,friendship must first exist between both of them,after creating the friendship,one should propose and this is normally done by the man,so when the man proposes and the lady finally accepts,start from there.I want to use this opportunity to throw more lights on certain things that some men's are doing,which is something that is very difficult to understand.This vital information goes to the men,do not propose to a lady whom you don't like just to waste the time of the lady in marriage,propose to a lady whom you like and love.

When the lady finally accepts your words,start the relationship,in the relationship in order to build it in a strong manner for it to grow into marriage,these are the tips to follow in order not to get rid off yourself from your relationship1.In every relationship,there should be love.Love is one of the key players in every relationship,without love,relationships cannot stand on their toes.If your partner loves you,please don't take him or her for granted,love your partner even more than his or her love,let the love that exist between both of you be reciprocal.Let love leads the relationship.Always depend on the love that exist between both of you to overcome all your worries and try to forgive yourselves when there is a mistake somewhere.Respect is another key player that should exist in relationship.If you love someone with all your heart always respect the person,let respect also play a crucial role in the relationship,when you respect yourslves,the understanding will come,if you understand yourselves,that is where the trust also will find itself in the relationship.At times things can become tough when this thing occurs please do not give yourselves break in the relationship,this is the time the love between the lovers should be maximum.Let us try these tips in order to build up a strong relationship.Please send your comments coming,like and share this article

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