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Husband and wife relationship

11 Qualities Of A Good Wife

Every woman's wish is to get married to her dream man and be the best wife to him. And every man wants to be with such a lovely wife.

1. A good wife will always value her husband for who he is, rather than trying to change him into being someone he is not.

2. A good wife respects her husband. This because she understands that in order to earn your husband's respect, you have to treat him with affection and respect.

3. A good wife is a woman who is truthful to her husband. A woman her husband can rely on, and she never hides secrets or anything from her husband.

4. Even after marriage, a good wife will never want to be who she is not or begin to ignore her appearance. She always wants to look beautiful and adorable for her husband. And she would always take good care of herself.

5. A good wife is always looking forward to showing her love to her husband by remembering special days in his life such as the wedding anniversary, his birthday and many more. A good wife will always buy him gifts and show him how much she loves him and cares for him.

6. When she is less busy, a good wife will take her husband out on a date. A date can help bring back the old days and fun back in a marriage. It can also help partners bond well and love one another more. And a good wife recognizes this.

7. A good wife accepts her flaws and mistakes and works towards becoming a better woman. She understands that she doesn't always have to be right all the time.

8. A good wife always keeps her husband's secrets safe and only to herself. She would never want to share her husband's secrets with anyone. 

9. A good wife recognizes and appreciate her husband for the effort he puts in making the marriage work.

10. Despite her busy schedule, a good wife always makes time to spend quality time with her husband, and children.

11. A good wife is always ready to assist and support her husband in his business, career. And she will always be by his side during good and bad times.

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