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Every Woman I Introduce To My Parents They Chase Her Away From Me - Man Seeks Advice

A 35-year-old young man has taken it to the social media to share an awful behavior of his parents. According to the man, his parents have always been chasing a lady he brings to the house out, all because he is not prepared for marriage. Sharing his story he says, whenever he brings a lady that he is ready to stay and spend his entire life with to his parents, they always find a way to chase her out.

According to him, he is the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of his parents company but aside being the CEO he has invested a lot into his life and ready to settle down to have his own family. He further added that, he always try his possible best to stay with a lady but the parents can hire strong men to go and warn the lady to stay away from him because he is not ready for marriage. He is seeking the public advice on what to do in order to have a lady for himself.

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Well marriage as many people are rushing into is a far journey and before you can be in a successful marriage, you need to be ready to endure all the consequences no matter what comes. Many people are suffering in marriage because they did not take their time when chosing their partner. Before every marriage can become a successful one, it needs to go into trial and no individual is of exception. Sometimes the trial can be inability to give birth, lack of finance, family issues among others. So what advice can you give to this young man?

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