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5 Lessons People Learn Too Late in Life

These lessons are from those who have walked the road before us; the ones who faced life and are still alive to tell the stories. Knowing what they regret the most and leveraging their knowledge at this point in your life can help you play it smart and make better choices. Below are 5 lessons people learn too late in life.

1. Everything is Temporary

We think we have plenty of years ahead of us. Depending on your age, you're not even thinking that far ahead but even you yourself are temporary. Dealing with the idea that everything you do, every person you meet and everything you build is temporary can be a reality-shattering experience. The big mansion is temporary. Your relationships are temporary. The items you buy are temporary. Nothing really lasts. It's one of those things you can only fully grasp when you've already seen it happen in your past. Everything you do at some point will be gone and people will have forgotten it so you might as well go for it right? At some point, whatever the result, it'll be gone and forgotten.

2. Life Isn't Fair

If you were expecting something else, sorry to be disappointed by the truth. The promotion will probably go to someone who's been smooth-talking the boss even though you're more qualified and work harder. That girl you like might like the douchebag more despite you thinking that you'd be the perfect fit for her. You're experiencing life through your own eyes so you're going to be biased no matter what. We’re not living in a perfect world and even if you did, it wouldn't care much for you as an individual; there's about eight billion of us. The world doesn't owe you anything, just because you think you deserve something doesn't mean you're going to get it.

3. Others Treat You the Way You Treat Yourself

It's weird when you realize that someone else's attitude towards you depends on yourself and not the other person. The way you present yourself, what you think of yourself, who you’re as an individual, these are all in your control. You can choose to grow to learn to improve. You as an individual are the sum of your experiences and beliefs, once you fully accept a different set, the entire perception of the world around you will change.

4. Everyone Is Really Out For Themselves

Everyone is the hero in their own movie and everyone wants to ride into the sunset with the girl of their dreams. We all experience life from a first-person point of view and since you were born, you were the most important thing you have ever experienced. You need to protect yourself and prosper. Guess what? That's what everybody thinks, it might be hard to accept but the same way you think of yourself as special, someone else thinks the same thing about themselves. We can't all be the lead in the same movie so people will try to get that sunset for themselves. As long as you live, remember this because it will help you see other people for what they really are; human just like you.

5. Even the Longest Night Was Followed By a Morning

Some things will take longer than twelve hours to pass; maybe a couple of months or even years. But one thing is for certain; no matter how hard it is right now, how dark everything seems, there will come a day when you'll feel better. Even bad times are temporary. This particular mindset will help you push through some of the most difficult bits life will throw at you. Don't take this advice lightly.

These lessons are aggregated from people who achieved success and live the lifestyles most of you are hustling so hard to live.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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