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Do not go broke because of love - Zionfelix.

The issues surrounding popular Ghanaian blogger Zionfelix and his baby mama Minalyn won't be disappearing anytime soon. Zion has been in the news for some time for the wrong reasons. He has reportedly impregnated 3 ladies at the same time. We only know of 2 currently. The third one has been shrouded in secrecy. Rumours have surfaced recently about the breakup of Zion and Minalyn his girlfriend that we all know.

The reasons behind the breakup are sketchy but according to reports Zion's family are not in favor of Zion marrying Minalyn because they don't like the tribe and also she is much older than Zion. But these reasons are primitive to me. Why should you deny someone of marriage because of age and tribe in this modern age? Who does that? Society is changing and we must also adapt to the change. Zion and Minalyn have been throwing indirect shades at each other on social media. It was during one of this that Zion wrote the following on Instagram. "Give, but don't let it empty you". Your guess is as good as mine.

To be frank with you all, the family of Zion are not being fair to Minalyn. When he was nobody they knew Minalyn. Now that Zion is well to do they don't want to have anything to do with her. Hmmm mmm. This world is not fair. It is true that you only get what you fight for.

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