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5 kinds of girls you should avoid dating in your life

Being in love with a girl is something every man wants because it feels great to know that somebody loves you and cares so much for you, it means they see you so special. But sometimes, men tend to fall into the hands of the wrong girls. While dating is a good thing, it also has it's bad sides which can make you very uncomfortable and if care is not taken, depressed. In this article, I’m going to discuss the 5 types of girls you should never date and why you need to avoid them.

1. Girls with “Whoever that loves me will Accept me the way I’m” Mentality

Girls with this kind of mentality are not worth dating because they believe that the world should adjust to suit their own attitudes and personality, while they never want to follow and abide by the rules of their partner. When you meet a girl with such mentality, the best thing is to avoid her.

2. Girls who never admit it when they are wrong

This is another type of girls that you need to avoid due to the fact dating comes with its own challenges. When you date girls like this, they hardly say they are sorry for their mistakes. Therefore, having a partner who never admit it when she is wrong could be frustrating, it is better for you to quit before it becomes late.

3. Out of Job Girls from Poor Families, But Always With Expensive Items

These are the slay girls. They are always on social media, looking for the next available guy to ruin his life. Beware of these types of girls because dating them is as good as wasting your time and money due to the fact that they don’t stick to one guy. They are after money.

4. Girls That Smoke

A society like ours doesn't like it when people smoke, it is even more worse when girl are seen or involved in smoking. Girls who smoke are seen by the public as wild, and lacks home training. Therefore, dating a girl that smokes will equally present a negative image of you to the society. I wonder the kind of children a woman that smokes will raise for you.

5. Closed Minded Girls

A close minded girl will always discourage you from trying out new things and exploring new opportunities. They are always comfortable at the condition they are they never gibe good opinions to their man. As a man you should avoid these kinds of girls.

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