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Couples go viral on the internet after they placed this between them

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The relationship between a man and a woman is said to me marriage. Marriage is the relationship between two persons ( man and woman) who have accepted to stay together as husband and wife.

The life span of of this relationship goes a long way till one partner dies unlike what we normally see among today's youth boy girl relationship.

Death is seen to be the only natural thing that separate husband and wife. Although there are some social factors that sometimes happens in a relationship and may lead to divorce.

One of the social factors which seems to be normal to every person in a relationship is quiring. Some people always says that "love without quiring or misunderstanding is not a true love".

Others also argue from the point of view that there must be a reconciliation in a man and woman's relationship to make their love tight.

A picture going viral on many social media platforms especially Facebook has gotten the reaction of social media users to talk about.

In the picture that pops up today on Facebook has to do with couples who have separated their sleeping bed into two equal half using wood hammered with with several nails to prevent one partner from crossing to the other side.

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