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Relationship is a work

True love still exists

IN recent times, relationships have become so strong a thing to build leading to marriages falling on rocks. We enter into love or relationship and then put it on auto pilot, expecting the relationship should build itself. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. It is a full time commitment on both parties. Here are some critical tips that can help you rekindle, spice and build your relationship which can eventually lead to marriage.

1. God is the major stakeholder in every meaningful relationship - Relationship should be built on God because the absence of God in it is a total failure.

2.Relationship is a give and get affair. - relationship should not be a one sided affair. Both parties have the heavy responsibility to contributing their quota to fruitfulness of the relationship.

3. The woman is not a sex making machine - When the woman is considered a sex making machine even from the onset of the relationship then it has already collapsed even before it started.

4. Men will chase after value. - have you ever wondered why your ex left you for some who is less beautiful than you are? If no then the reason is men always things of value. As a woman in a relationship, aside the amazing things you do to keep the fire burning, also consider adding value to yourself.

5. The woman is a complement and not a substitute. Men should know the woman to be an help mate and not a toy to boss around. When a woman gets the feeling of being important to a man she fixes her gaze and being on this one man.

6. The woman is a worker because of the work load on the man. The woman was created because of the work load on the man. As a woman, complements, appreciation, gratitude helps to energize your man even if you are not working to support him in any way your sincere attitude can.

Love is a beautiful thing when you take your time to grow, nurture, and prune it. I hope you find these tips helpful

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