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When a woman starts developing feelings for you, she will ask you these 5 questions.

Most times men always go ahead asking what the signs that a woman is having affection for me are, that is what I will be talking about it today. As a man, when a woman starts having affection for you, they want to get close to you more, and when they do, they begin to ask you some certain questions. So as a man, it is very important you understand this body language, so you could be able to tell when a woman has feelings for you.

Here are signs a woman is developing feelings for you and possible questions she may ask you.

1. She might ask you what you like in a woman.

This is the very first sign when a friend or lady you're close with. Start asking you questions like what the qualities of a woman you like are. So as a man, it is very important you answer such a question carefully. If you're having affection for her. Don't reply to her saying the woman of your dream is dark while she is fair. Because when you do so, you have indirectly told her she's not your type.

2. She begins to get jealous when she sees you with other women.

As a man, these are other signs she has feelings for you. Most men find this very funny because she is not your partner. And she begins to ask who you're hanging out with. When a woman loves you, she begins to get jealous whenever she sees you with other women. And this because she has started developing feelings for you and doesn't want to share you with anyone else.

3. She begins to cook for you.

Remember that cooking for you takes a woman who likes you to do so. When a woman loves you. She wants to be the person who will always prepare your meal, this takes only a woman who loves you to do so. If you begin to notice her, she will also start bringing gifts, fruits and other things to you. This is because she is now having affection for you.

4. She might ask about your pictures.

This is the other thing women ask for when they start developing feelings for you. Due to she wants to know the type of family you're from. Where you are from, what are your future plans and so on.

5. She would like to know your plans for the day.

This is also important like the rest, when a woman begins to develop feelings for you. She begins to control some of your movements. You begin to hear things such as, make sure you come back early, should I go with you, get me something while coming back. And so on.

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