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Betrayal: My Very Own Sister Seduced And Slept With My Husband When I Left For Work- Fiction

Betrayal is already a horrible thing in between couples, especially when married. But when your partner cheats with a brother or sister, the blow to the heart is even stronger. This is the case of a 23 year old married woman who discovered a relationship between her 26 year old husband and her sister. 

The 23 year old shared her heartbreaking story in a letter to a friend. In the letter she wrote, "I discovered my sister and my husband sleeping with each other on the floor of our living room. It was a shock. I thought we were strong together, we have 4 year old twins and have been married for two, but now I feel lost.

It was a difficult year, my niece, my sister's daughter, died of cancer at the age of 9, and she didn't take it well. Her husband closed in on himself, and my husband decided to help her. I was so proud of him to see that he found the time to help my sister and also to look after our children.

But one day, after I left, I came back because I had forgotten my cell phone at home. When I entered, I saw them. I immediately ran away, I took my children from my neighbor's house (they used to play over there) and I went straight to my mother's house. My husband followed me there, but I refused to talk to him.

A painful story, but he seems repentant. He continued to apologize, he said he loves me and that sleeping with my sister meant nothing, he continued saying that my sister was sad and crying, he hugged her and shortly after they ended up sleeping with each other. My sister is broken, she said it won't happen again, and I think they regret having hurt me, but I can't even look them in the face. 

Now I don't know what to do. How can we overcome all this and return to a happy couple as before? We had been through a lot together, he was my rock. As for my sister, I have been there for her, too much and this is how she repaid me.

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