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I went to a man's house but discovered he was using students bed so I lied to him and left

I went to a man's house but discovered that he was using a student bed so I lied to him and left - Morenikeji narrates

There are stories you read online and it will make you wonder what exactly some human beings are turning into.

This lady's story is really surprising but then as humans, we have different things we can not tolerate.

She narrated how she went to a man's house for the first time after three date nights but on getting there, she discovered that the man was using a student bed.

According to her, this alone is a turn off and because of that she faked a phone call and left.

She did not only leave the man but she also blocked his number so that he will never be able to call her again.

While ladies would always say they can’t date broke guys, there are those that don’t mind doing so.

No woman wants to date or marry a broke guy. It’s unfortunate when you think about how women always say, “There aren’t enough good men out there”. The truth is, there are. But they don’t all come making big bucks. Some are blue collar, others have bad credit records. But the flip side is some of those very men are supportive of their women, creative and ambitious. With the right woman, who knows where such a man will be in the future.

In theory, dating a rich guy is every woman’s dream. Holidays, shoes and dinners all paid for faster than you can say “AmEx Black Card”.

The only problem is that rich guys, can be kind of (for want of a better word) douche-y. You see the real reason that rich people tend to date within their own circles, isn’t a matter of snobbery as we have all been led to believe. The truth is, that the only people who can tolerate rich people for a substantial period of time… are other rich people.

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