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Five Mistakes Most Guys Do When Pursuing A Lady

Below are some mistakes guys often do when Pursuing a lady.

Not giving her time. You may have powerful new feelings towards this person, but it’s important to give the relationship time and space. It’s not actually flattering when someone tells you after one date that they will love you forever. It makes you wonder if that person is mentally stable. Take your time.

Going by a rulebook. We’ve all seen them online: pesky strategies that are supposed to make you more desirable, like “push-pull”, or feigning disinterest; any number of manipulative tactics which are more annoying than effective. If you are starting your relationship with dishonesty, how much hope is there it will work?

Not starting how you mean to go on. You notice, for example, they are indifferent about politics, even though you are passionate about issues. You like a lot of independence and space, they like more constant contact. Make these feelings known, be who you are from the beginning, and listen to alarm bells that suggest you might not be right for each other.

Assuming all women (or men) are the same. While it’s true we all probably have more in common than we have differences, everyone is unique in their own way. Listen and learn the first few times you are together. Some people love shows of affection, others are shy about it. Some might like to talk about their personal lives, some might be reticent until you know each other better. Treat people as individuals.

Waiting for the right moment. Certainly everyone has some degree of shyness and a reluctance to face rejection. But asking someone out isn’t rocket science nor is it a lifetime commitment. It’s a first step towards seeing if you are compatible. If you are interested, make the move!

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