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Irony as Facebook User Recommends Suicide Monitoring For Indebted Accountant After Porsche Wedding

The trend of having luxurious wedding ceremonies is becoming alarming as most lovers try to organize wedding ceremonies that would shock their friends and neighbours in respect to the luxury displayed. This seems to have become the order of the day to certain categories of ladies whose desire is more into displaying wealth at marriage ceremonies than planning for their marriage lives.

Some men would go an extra mile to do whatever they can for a woman that they claim they love. In a bid to please the woman, they would do the extraordinary beyond what they can do in their capacity as men. It is only after the event is over that they regain their consciousness, and see the mess that they have created for themselves.

One might think that a trained accountant who has been educated on how to handle money would do his homework well as he plans to undertake a wedding ceremony. It is a great irony when one equipped with knowledge to deal with the financial issues of a company is unable to handle financial issues pertaining to himself. Imagine a groom thinking about his debts as his wedding ceremony goes on. No wonder we see some images of grooms squeezing their faces in pictures when they are supposed to be smiling.

Yen reported about a twenty nine year old accountant who has to borrow about two hundred thousand Ghana Cedis for a wedding in order to please his bride. According to the report, the bride insisted that the wedding needed to be luxurious if the young accountant insists on wedding her. The man in his anxiety, forgetting his knowledge on accountancy has to borrow such a huge amount in order to please her. Now, the man vents his anger and frustration on social media seeing the mess he has placed himself in after the reality of the debt has faced him.

A Facebook User took to the comments section to advise that the young man be put on suicide watch since he can easily hurt himself. Many other users reacted to the article of the young man whose name was withheld. Check out some of the reactions below.

Kwabena Awuku suggests that the man be put on suicide watch while Augustine Nukpo thinks he is not fit to be an accountant since his actions are in direct contrast to what an accountant needs to do.

Well, that is the irony of life. It was a fight between emotions and knowledge. After his passion to get married to the lady no matter what, causes him to fall into debt, his knowledge now blames him for his actions. Take a look at some other reactions.

It seems that most of the Facebook users condemn his actions, and it was wise for that user to recommend a suicide watch for him since his depression and frustration can lead to anything.

Wysopera believes that for every marriage ceremony to go on, the to-be couples must be counseled as to what to expect in the marriage, and how to plan for themselves and their children. The basics of marriage must be well explained to those willing to get married. They must be made to see the life ahead more than the splendour and glamour that would be displayed at the ceremony. We hope that by this information, many would change their attitudes towards luxurious weddings and do what is in their capacity.

Do you think that the man needs to be placed on suicide watch?



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