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16 Warning Signs Your Partner is Dangerous

Everyone wants to have a healthy, harmonious, and long-lasting relationship. However, in reality, it does not always happen to all people. Sad to say, some end up being committed to a person they should not have liked in the first place. 

However, not everyone in an unhealthy relationship realizes that they are with the wrong person. Worse, some are not even aware that they could be in danger as long as they stay with their partners. 

If you are indecisive about whether to leave your partner or not, one of the factors you must consider is your security. How safe and secure are you with that person? Below are the traits that can be warning signs that your partner is dangerous and need to escape as soon as possible. 

1. Short-Tempered

Is your partner easily angered? If the person is constantly impatient and s/he has the habit of throwing into a fit whenever s/he does not get what s/he wants, you have to start thinking now. How long could you stay unharmed with that person’s rage? 

2. Jealous

If your partner is a jealous type, you could be in danger too. You would know that s/he struggles with jealousy if s/he continuously checks on your whereabouts and who you are with. Also, that individual probably does not like you talking or being friends with the opposite sex. Can you bear it for life? What could happen if his/her jealousy gets out of hand one day? 

3. Controlling

Concerning no. 2, your partner probably demands that you tell him/her every detail of your waking hours. S/he wants to know your activities, who you talk to, where you go and with whom, and what time you arrive home. Moreover, that person must have the last say in every decision you have to make. You also need to ask permission for everything you want to do. 

4. Manipulative

Your partner is indeed dangerous if s/he is not only a control freak, but s/he also loves to manipulate situations to his/her advantage. This kind of person can lie without batting an eyelid to convince anyone to whatever s/he wants. S/he can even set situations up just to make things go according to his/her plans. 

5. Self-Centered

A selfish person is also dangerous. Everything needs to be about him/her, and s/he could be insensitive to your needs. If you have this kind of partner, you could be in a toxic relationship. Your partner’s demands would always go before your needs, and you could fail at them. Once it happens, you could be receiving backlash from your partner. Furthermore, you cannot count on your partner to protect you since all s/he cares about is himself/herself.  

6. Disrespectful

If your partner has no respect for your feelings and worth, it can be disastrous for you as well. Expect that during your relationship, you would eventually lose your self-respect and esteem. You are sacrificing your self-worth as you continue to stick with the person. The last thing you would want is to completely lose yourself to save a relationship with a person who takes you for granted. 

7. Rebellious

A rebellious person is someone who defies authorities and frequently gets into trouble for it. If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a pile of tickets for road violations, is known to be a constant guest at the guidance counselor’s office for mischief, or has been in and out of jail, what else could s/he not do? Moreover, if that person has been a headache to his/her parents growing up, how sure are you s/he would not be problematic anymore?

8. Critical

Does your partner always have something negative to say? Is he always criticizing the government, neighbors, professors, colleagues–just everyone–including you? If your boyfriend or girlfriend never sees anything good with others, s/he could be a very toxic person to be with. With his/her attitude, it is not surprising if s/he constantly conflicts with others. Being with someone who has a lot of enemies could jeopardize your safety. 

9. Unfaithful

Being with a partner who has cheated on you countless times is dangerous to your mental and emotional health. Cheating is not an accident, especially if s/he chooses to do it again and again. You would be asking what is wrong with you or why you are not enough in the long run. If you love the person so much, the pain could be too much as well. It could lead to depression and other devastating effects. 

10. Dishonest

In connection with no. 9, catching your partner lying to you many times can negatively affect you emotionally. The psychological tug-of-war of wanting to trust him/her and not being able to do so could drain you mentally. It would be very stressful lying in bed each night, thinking what else your partner could be hiding from you. Again, the person is dangerous to your mental health.

11. Demanding

Having a very demanding boyfriend or girlfriend can be a sign of danger too. The person could be using force to get what s/he wants from you. S/he could also use threats to manipulate you into doing what s/he wants. If this is the case of your relationship, it is time for you to pause and think as you could be heading a more dangerous path. 

12. Possessive

You have to start running away from your partner if s/he is not only demanding but extremely possessive as well. Such a person can be abusive if s/he feels like there is a threat to his/her territory. 

13. Abusive

Talking about abuse, there are several ways by which your partner can shatter you can be abused by your partner. You could be abused physically, verbally, psychologically, emotionally, sexually, or even economically. If you are experiencing any of these, it is time to seek help and get out of your dangerous relationship. 

16. Irresponsible

How can you be in danger with an irresponsible partner? Well, you and your future kids are at risk of living a life you never dreamed of for yourself. Choosing to remain with the person could have a domino effect that could destroy your opportunities to live a fulfilling life. For instance, you could have an unplanned pregnancy, and because your partner is not dependable, you might end up struggling to take care of your child while trying to earn a living. In the end, you would not have the time to pursue your own dreams anymore. 

Run Now

If you realize that your partner is actually dangerous, please do not take chances. It could be challenging, but you have to be more rational than emotional. Your life and future family are at stake here. Choose to end the relationship as soon as possible and walk away without turning back. 

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